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Cartoons,Games,Themes Remixed
Techno remixes of cartoon, TV Show, Movie Themes
or anything similar

Bert & Ernie - Rubber Ducky (german)
 Power Puff Girls - Remix
 Smurfs - techno remix
Budweiser - Wasup Remix
Coca-Cola (Techno Remix)
Dr. Evil techno mix
Dragonball Z - Perfect Cell Remix
Fifth Element - Techno Opera
 Final Fantasy - Rave (techno Remix)
Gladiator Theme
Halloween vs Freddy Krueger
Hampton the Hampster - the Hampster Dance
 Jaws Techno Remix
Jiggly Puff Remix
 Johnny Bravo (Techno Remix)
 Knight Rider - techno remix
Mortal Combat (Techno Remix)
Olé Olé (techno remix) - Soccer anthem
Oompaloompa techno mix
Pikachu Song - Pika Pika Pika Techno Remix
 Pink Panther (Techno, Dance Remix)
Resident Evil - Biohazard Techno Remix Part 2
Robotech (Dope Hard Trance)
Rocky Theme - Techno Remix
Scooby Doo [Techno Remix]
Smartees - Seasame Street
Sonic the Hedgehog (techno mix)
 TIMMAH!!- South Park
Toxic Candy - Spongebob Experiments With Ether
 Darth Techno (Star Wars Dub)
Teletubbies feat DJ Nono - The Tubbie-Dance
The Muppets - (Techno Remix)
Thundercats Rave rmx
Willy Wonka Remix